Dr. Laurie Jahnke
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¨ Are you suffering from back, neck, shoulder, or other pain? Does your pain prevent you from doing the everyday things you need to do? Does it stop you from taking part in the activities you like to do? Treatment with Dr. Jahnke can help relieve your pain (read more) <Relief from Pain>

¨ Is your child struggling with behavior, learning or sensory challenges?
Think Big Brain Building ProgramMaximize your child's potential with a comprehensive drug-free approach. <Think Big - A Brain Building Program>

¨ Are you or your child struggling wtih distraction or impulsiveness? Find out how chiropractic can help with the management of ADHD.
<SHINE - Special Help Integrating Neurological Experience™ : ADHD Management>

¨ Are you looking for an “edge” to improve your performance on the golf course? The tennis court? In some other sport? Treatment with Dr. Jahnke can improve your performance, flexibility, and range of motion (read more) <Sports Injuries and Improve Sports Performance>

¨ Do you have symptoms that you are masking with antacids, pain relievers, coffee, caffeine, or sugar? Have you gained weight even though your eating habits have not changed? Do you have unexplained fatigue or a lack of energy? Functional Medicine could be the answer you have been looking for. (read more) <Wellness and Functional Medicine>

¨ Chiropractic has been shown to help with colic, ear infections, learning and focusing challenges (including ADHD and ADD), and many more childhood challenges. <Pediatrics and Pregnancy>

¨  Chiropractic Care is affordable and covered by most health insurance plans. We can help you find out what your plan covers.  Personal injury and auto accident cases gladly accepted. (read more) <Chiropractic Care

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Dr. Jahnke

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